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It is useful to buy a codeshare ticket at a price of $100 compared to tickets booked separately, for example if the value of the flight is over 2000 USD. In this way, the airline is legally obliged to redirect passengers if you miss a route. It depends on this: if the flight was actually made by Delta, then you are not entitled – Delta is not an EU airline. Delta, however, has entered into a codeshare agreement with Air France, an EU airline. If your ticket is “operated by Air France,” it is a codeshare ticket and you may be entitled to a refund. An interline agreement, also known as interlining, is an agreement between two or more airlines to take care of passengers when their itinerary involves travel with several airlines. Hot Tip: One of the best ways to detect with reasonable accuracy that you are on a codeshare flight is when the flight number format does not match similar flights on the same airline. There are also codeshare agreements between airlines and railways, which are officially known as air-rail alliances and are generally marketed as “Rail and Fly” because of the popularity of Deutsche Bahn`s code-sharing with many airlines. [5] They include some integration of the two modes of transport, for example.B.

in the search for the fastest link and the possibility of a transfer between the plane and the train with a single ticket. This allows passengers to book an entire trip at the same time, often at a discount compared to separate tickets. Code-sharing agreements are widely used in the aviation industry. In the aviation industry, the term code refers to the double-digit XX used as a prefix in flight numbers. For example, flight nr. UA123 a United Airlines flight. The UA code helps identify the airline involved. These codes are given by IATA, an international travel and tourism organization. If you have already purchased a ticket from a particular airline, when you arrive at the airport, you will be directed to a check-in desk of another airline? If so, you can travel with the airline`s codeshare partner instead of the airline you booked with. Code sharing is one way airlines join forces to improve the customer experience, among other things. Keep reading to find out what code sharing is and how it works.

A codeshare agreement, also known as codeshare, is a common commercial agreement in the aviation industry, in which two or more airlines publish and market the same flight under their own airline manager and flight number (the “flight code”) as part of their published flight plan. Typically, a flight is designated by an airline (technically referred to as the “administration company”[1]), while seats are sold by all airlines that have cooperated with their own name and flight number. Code-sharing dates back to the 1960s. In 1967, Allegheny Airlines (USAir) entered into the first codeshare with a commuter airline in the United States. This practice became increasingly popular following the deregulating of the U.S. domestic market in the 1970s.