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It`s a good idea to publish your “house rules” in your apartment. These are just everyday rules for living in your holiday home – things like removing garbage, noise, leaving keys, etc. This is a good way to reinforce good behavior or highlight potential problems during their stay. Your rental agreement should set the rental fee for the accommodation. It must also indicate whether a down payment is necessary or not and when it must be paid to secure the booking. No, you don`t need a license to rent your house or apartment as an apartment. Licenses are only required by the owners, not the individual owners. In this document, the owner gives the basic information about renting property – things like how much it will cost, when and how payments should be made, and what is the term. However, in the case of a short-term rental, there are usually no more daily details, such as rental rules.B. specific rules for renting (things like areas to use and those that cannot be used, if pets are allowed, if smoking is allowed, etc.) and more specific information (such as check-in or departure times). You must also include the circumstances in which you must cancel the booking.

For example, the property is damaged, or you sell it. The contract should also cover the deposit and return of the land as well as all the costs that you are in charge. If you accept a reservation and accept a down payment, you essentially enter into a contract with your customer. You must respect this agreement, as you would any contract. Finally, you expect your customers to respect their booking obligation and they expect the same from you. This PDF guide – “Holiday Rental Tips – Tricks” – is written by an experienced owner and manager. It is literally stuffed with useful information coverage: Reduce the time it took to manage your rental property by settling all legal documents online completely. Your customers can check and sign your rental agreement before they arrive with one of our secure and customizable online forms. Simply tailor the agreement to your needs and indicate payment, length of stay and other details.

If you use the document online, owners may need to think about how to ensure that the customer has actually agreed to the terms of the contract. For the contract to be legally binding on a client, the client must be informed and approve it.