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Operating manual. If the franchisor and the franchisee disagree on the most current content of the operating manual, Franchisor`s master copy of the operating manual will be supported. At the expiry or end of the agreement, for whatever reason, the franchisee must return all copies of the operating manual to Franchisor and, at the request of the franchisor, confirm that the franchisee has not kept copies in any media. The operating manual is confidential, protected by the copyright and exclusive ownership of Franchisor. The franchise agreement must clearly define the fees, which are generally double, the initial one-time franchise fees payable by the franchisee for the reposseful and, second, the recurring costs payable on the basis of the monthly sale of the product/service. However, the consideration and terms of payment may vary depending on the type of franchise model the parties wish to enter into. The terms and times of payment should be clearly stated in the agreement. In addition, the effects of non-payment of royalties should also be clearly mentioned in the agreement. The advertising fund is created as a separate bank account and the funds received are accounted for separately from the franchisor`s other funds and cannot be used to defuse the franchisor`s general operating expenses, except for those reasonable salaries; Administrative and franchise expenses may be incurred in the course of activities; who have an appropriate connection to the management or management of the advertising fund and its advertising programs (including, but not limited to the conduct of market research, the production of advertising and advertising materials, the collection and billing of contributions to the advertising fund, the payment of the production and distribution of accounts, fees and fees for lawyers and accounting, taxes and other reasonable direct and indirect expenses that franchise or its authorized agents are incurring in the context of the advertising fund`s programmes). The advertising fund will not be the franchisee`s capital. A financial report card on the activity of the advertising fund is . are established annually and made available to the franchisee on request.

Franchisor may spend more or less the total contribution of all Mama Fu restaurants to each year`s advertising fund, and the advertising fund can borrow from Franchisor or other companies to cover deficits or invest a surplus for future use. Any lender lending money to the advertising fund receives interest at a reasonable interest rate. All interest paid on advertising funds is used to pay advertising costs before other advertising fund assets are spent. Franchisor may lead to the advertising fund being integrated or operated into a separate fund at the time Le Franchisor deems it appropriate, and that successor entity, when incorporated, has all the rights and obligations set out in this section.