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The earn-in agreement provided that, under certain conditions described in the Earn-in agreement, Ivanhoe Mines had the right to win a stake in the exploration of ores and, if warranted, in the development and mining project on part of the property located on the Lookout Hill “project”. Marshall Lawyers WA has experience in negotiating and developing joint venture farms in agreements (whether for the main mining company or for the farm part). The ability of the largest mining company to terminate the joint enterprise contract in the event of infringement and, ideally, to retain ownership of all available/produced mining information (. B for example, data/results from geological and other studies) is important. As with any joint venture agreement, a careful review of all possible outcomes (the “what would it be?”) is required during the negotiation phase, whether on the “Farm in/Earn-in” side or the main operating company (for example. B of the owner of the project/heritage sought by the farm). Farm-in joint venture agreements can be a useful way for mining companies (and especially young miners) to justify themselves, prove and ultimately develop through the construction or development of large mining companies. In accordance with the earn-in agreement between Al Fairuz Mining Company, LLC and Gentor Resources Limited for the Block 5 project, the Company acquired a 65% interest in Al Fairuz Mining Company, LLC. You may want to sell your business directly, but finding a buyer who agrees with your assessment of the business and its future prospects cannot happen. With a payment contract, you will receive a down payment with the potential for additional payments if the agreed financial goals are met. In the best of circumstances, buyers and sellers experience a win-win situation where the seller gets a fair price for the business with additional funds potential and the buyer pays what he considers a business, with additional payments resulting from successful financial results.