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Can someone help me provide an expalnation for each correct answer? Accord pronoun-antecedent B 12a. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually drives. 12b. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he usually says 1)No one gives his opinion. A) Reference B) Case C) Agreement 2)You say that we cannot afford to own homes in a few years. A) Reference B)Cas C) Accord 3)The pronoun is an interrogation pronoun used with individual subtantifs. True/False What is the subject or pronoun-precursor verb for this sentence: None of our tomato plants produce any fruit, but green beans thrive. 1. Pronouns should clearly refer to a particular name (precursor). We should know what each pronoun refers to. Is the next sentence correct? If the pronoun is false, point out the pronoun error and write the correct pronoun.

In the morning, my brother Kele is more awake than I am. Why does this sentence contain a pronoun-before chord? “Most of the hosts spoke without looking at their notes.” 1. Select the letter of the sentence that uses the correct pronoun. A. The trip resulted in an argument between Helen and i.B. We`re the ones who asked the paper for an apology. C. We enjoyed writing a personal letter to explain his stand on the Colorado Mountains or the Florida Ocean – my next vacation destination. What is the verb that correctly completes this sentence? (1 point) bin are- what is the phrase of a corresponding verb-subject chord? (1 point) Either you or I are responsible for errors in paragraph 2 in Lee Carroll`s swimming strokes and brush for the subject-verbal chord, right-arm-pull, left-arm pull, right-arm-pull and breathe on the left side for parallelism, and your for pronov-antecedent chord. Is that right? Most spectators are happy to bring their own snacks to save money. Does this sentence have a pronoun error? Can someone let me know what the right answer is and why? Thank you! Verb-subject agreement A 1a. Did you know that a famous animal advocate has criticized horse racing for the dangers it entails? 1b.

Did you know that a famous animal advocate is a precursor A) The first pronoun in a sentence B) The pronoun that refers a pronoun to C) The pronoun that a noun refers to my answer is B, but for some reason it seems to be C) With the conjunction “or” or “nor,” the pronoun should match the next precursor.